An easy to read guide to a safer towing and travel experience!
This guide covers all the basics when it comes to loading, towing and reversing a caravan or trailer.

You will find the information both informative and interesting. We believe it will enhance your towing skills and greatly improve you understanding on what causes events like loss of control or why load position is so important in caravans and trailers and some handy hints and ideas on how to reverse a caravan or trailer without the stress.
Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the towing capacity of your vehicle.
  • Understanding ball weights and what they mean to you.
  • Understanding how to connect your vehicle to the trailer or caravan.
  • Understanding how to set up and use anti sway systems.
  • Understanding how to load the trailer/caravan to comply with ball weights of the tow vehicle.
  • Knowledge on how to tow the trailer or caravan.
  • What is the correct speed for towing.
  • Electric braking systems and their function.
  • Mechanical braking systems and their function.
  • What happens when you apply the brakes harshly.
  • Knowledge on how to reverse the trailer or caravan.
  • Knowledge on how to position the trailer or caravan into an allocated park area.
  • Pre-inspection of your tow vehicle and caravan or trailer.

This 27-page information guide is based on the experience of the author. Having owned and operated heavy transport for more the 40 years and having seen the perils of caravans and trailers involved in accidents due to loss of control whereby that loss of control could have easily been avoided and having witnessed situations where the driver is unable to reverse a caravan or trailer due to not having been exposed to that previously was the catalyst for writing this information guide.

In addition to this information guide, RMS offer a full day practical training and assessment package to compliment your towing and reversing skills (fees apply)