Merryn Richards

Compliance Manager

Merryn is a solutions-focused Managing Director.

She has a reputation for out-of-the-box thinking. Coupled with a demonstrated record of success in creating and implementing performance improvement initiatives and successfully executing organisational change. Her career demonstrates visionary leadership, expertise and outstanding performance in business start-up, growth and financial/operational management of company’s multi-site operations.and practical balance between technical expertise and business acumen.

Merryn’s expertise combines a unique blend of idealistic leadership and executive business savvy with competencies to spearhead strategic planning and execution of core staff, operational, organisational and financial performance.

Merryn is innovative and diligent complemented by highest ethical standards contributing to increased market share and raising industry profile.

Merryn’s knowledge provides her the ability to identify opportunities, turns concepts into market reality and negotiates complex agreements with diverse stakeholders including major corporations, State and Federal Governments.

Merryn also establishes critical relationships, conceptualises and executes marketing and corporate strategies, and mitigates for all risks.

Graeme Richards

Group Operations Manager

With over 34 years experience

Graeme is a multi-faceted Mining Management professional with over 34 years Operational/ Management experience in the Mining, Civil and Transport industries. As an active Mine Manger his knowledge in Mining Machinery and Mining Operations are exceptional and his expertise in, leading mine start-ups and rescuing problematic projects are in demand at all times.

As an innovative, results-oriented strategic planner he aggressively identifies opportunities, develops focus and provides tactical business solutions. Graeme has a demonstrated record of successes in creation of new methods, procedures and people development. He combines unique blend of visionary leadership and business savvy with competencies to spearhead planning and execution of initiatives.

His recognised domestic and international success in assisting large scale mining operations includes innovative and practical responses to improve cost efficiency and increase productivity through improved operator practices.

Graeme’s technical knowledge together with his unique business acumen allows him to successfully organise complex ventures both in Australia and internationally, in geographically remote locations in often arduous conditions.
He is a highly people oriented individual, with excellent communication and organisational skills, and a reputation for ‘making things happen’.

In general Graeme has a reputation for his practical balance between technical expertise and business acumen, coupled with a demonstrated record of success in creating and implementing new initiatives, new ways, new methods and new avenues to optimise the efficiency of Mining, Civil and Transport operations.