FWCombo: Fire Warden Combo



This course covers the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment. It includes demonstrating and explaining to clients how to use portable fire extinguishers correctly and safely, fire hose reels and fire blankets in emergency situations. It includes preparing for emergency situations, identifying, and assessing an emergency, safely confining emergencies, using initial response equipment and reporting on the facility's emergency response. Small emergencies in a facility include incidents such as small fires that can be controlled using a fire extinguisher; chemical spills that can be controlled using facility personal protective clothing and equipment and a spill kit; or a vehicle accident where there is no significant injury or damage. This nationally recognised Fire Warden Training program (PUAFER005) will equip you with the skills required to safely evacuate your workplace. Regular evacuation training will ensure that your personnel are ready to deal with any workplace emergency.

Course Content:

  • The safe demonstration and correct use of fire extinguishers to attack fire according to manufacturer requirements

  • The purpose and use of different types of fire extinguisher
  • The identification and classification of fire types
  • The purpose and use of fire hose reels
  • The purpose and use of fire blanket
  • Investigating the fire/alarm/incident Raising the alarm
  • Emergencies that may require evacuation
  • Firefighting safety procedures
  • Building fire safety
  • Fire warden identification
  • Fire warden's procedures and responsibilities
  • Building Fire Alarms & Communications Systems
  • Developing evacuation plans & procedures
  • Emergency coordination Post-Evacuation activities

Unit of Competency
CPPFES2005- Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment
PUAFER008- Confine small emergencies in a facility
PUAFER005- Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

RMS Entry Requirements

  • Sound verbal and written comprehension of the English language is mandatory

  • 16 Years old
  • Two forms of identification one of which is photo ID

Course Fee: $300

Target Audience:

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

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Enrolment Options:

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